♠ Workplace Success: Get the Best People

  “Get the best people and train them well.” ~ Charles Merrill, American Businessman, Founder of Merrill Lynch.”   … [Continue reading]

Workplace Learning: Change from Ignorance…

  “In its broadest sense, learning can be defined as a process of progressive change from ignorance to knowledge, from inability to competence, and from indifference to understanding…” ~ Cameron Fincher     … [Continue reading]

♠ Workplace Change: People Need Maintenance

“People need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do.  Retraining is maintenance. Training is an upgrade.”                   ~ ~ Clancy Cross … [Continue reading]

♠ Workplace Training: It’s Learning…

  “It's not e-learning or c-learning; it's learning."         ~Chuck Ferguson   … [Continue reading]

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