Workplace Issues | July 2015 ~ Focus on Bullying

"According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute, 35% of the 
American workforce (or 53.5 million people) has directly experienced bullying 
or “repeated mistreatment by one or more employees ..."   
according to an article written by Jacquelyn Smith,

Below is a roundup of articles focused on Workplace Bullying.

After receiving questions regarding several recently published articles on workplace bullying along with the tips for recognizing the signs of bullying, we have curated and included additional articles of interest regarding this workplace issues.  For more details, click the article title below.


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On Brilliant but Cruel Bosses
If your manager is brilliant, talented or produces great sales results, does that excuse cruel treatment to peers and those that work for them?



Roundup On Civility And Incivility At Work
By David Yamada
Distinguishing between workplace incivility versus workplace bullying.  Is there a difference?  How do you know?



Workplace Bullying: Escalated Incivility
By Gary Namie
Workplace bullying is different from rudeness, teasing or common forms of interactive communication or business dealings.  Bullying interferes with the business of conducting business and has significant stress and penalties for the tormented individual.


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